Charter bus to Six Flags Maryland, MD

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Six Flags America in Upper Marlboro, Maryland offers a full day of fun with more than 100 rides, shows and the largest water park in the Washington, DC area. The amusement park has 7 roller coasters with names like Wild One, Joker's Jinx and Superman Ride of Steel. Family rides at Six Flags America lude The Penguin's Blizzard River, the traditional Tea Cups, and The Great Race. Younger kids enjoy the Looney Tunes Movie Town, where they can meet Bugs Bunny. Hurricane Harbor features one of the largest wave pools in the country, water slides, inner tube flume, lazy river, splash pool and more.

What great coasters! Towering above the others, the 200-foot Superman: Ride of Steel hyper coaster features an adrenaline-pumping 198-foot first drop. The park's sleek, smooth flying coaster, which places riders in a superhero-like flying position, is called Batwing and is themed to Superman's non-flying buddy, Batman.

Two of the Caped Crusader's archenemies have their own Six Flags America thrill machines. The Joker's Jinx is a magnetically launched coaster that accelerates riders from 0 to 60 mph in a straight shoot out of the station. Resembling a bowl of spaghetti, the demented track layout sends riders flip-flopping more than a congressman's policy position. After the wild launch however, The Joker's Jinx feels muted as it meanders through its tangle of track.

Two-Face: The Flip Side takes the standard boomerang coaster concept and adds some interesting features. Instead of riding above the track, it uses ski lift-style inverted trains that leave riders' feet dangling. And the rows of seats face one another. Passengers navigate the course forwards or backwards depending on their seat orientation, then go in the opposite direction as the coaster retraces its route. All the while, riders can look into the eyes of the passengers seated directly across from them and either display nerves of steel or share a scream with reckless abandon.

Amidst all of these high-tech coasters, the transplanted, circa-1917 The Wild One out and back wood coaster more than holds its own. It is a nostalgic delight that remains surprisingly potent.

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