School Field Trip Charter Bus rental

Safety, reliability, comfort and economy make Charter Bus the best choice for your school's educational and recreational field trips. Our deluxe, temperature controlled touring coaches are available with potential discounted pricing for trips that operate during normal school hours. In many cases, the luxury of a full coach bus costs just a fraction more than a school bus.

Organizing School Field Trips are a tedious task. If you are planning for a school field trip, we will make it that your every effort be successful. Our special fleet for school field trips, which lude Charter Buses, Mini Buses, Limos, Party Buses, Vans and School Buses, will make the school field trip an exciting one.

We will organize tours to popular destinations such as Hershey PA, Washington DC, New York City NY, and Orlando FL. Most importantly we will add your school as additionally insured to protect in case of any accidents or law suits.

Our transportation will provide safety, reliability and comfort for the travelers. We offer special packages on the budget for school field trippers. Charter Bus will be the best choice for your School's educational and recreational field trips. Special field trip pricing will save your money if your trip falls within normal school hours, so that we can help to make your school field trip very cost effective. The Coaches are available even during seasons of tight schedules.

Our vehicles and coaches are specially furnished, air-conditioned, and well facilitated with the most modern communication systems. Our drivers are experts and are helpful and courteous to make your trip more convenient. We keep up the punctuality in reaching you to the places that were fixed earlier. We have a wide selection of buses to match your requirements. For safer school field trip bus services, come to Charter Bus. We will plan your trip and make it enjoyable.