Bus Rental Service

You have discovered the easiest, most reliable and cost-effective way to charter a bus - anywhere in North America: Charter Bus

Limo Bus Rentals

That Limo doesn't fit all your guests? We offer Limo Buses that will help you get those guests to that weddng... or those investors to attend your presentation...Our Limo Bus is the perfect comfortable vehicle that will carry upto 24 passengers.

For your events, weddings, or business tours transportation needs, Charter Bus will provide you with the 24 passenger Mini VIP BUS that will provide the necessary comfort for all your small groups trips. Call today for more details..

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Party Buses

You want to get all those happy people to that party and get them to arrive at the same time without looking for a parking place? Then we at Charter Bus have the magic solution. The Bus that has enough storage and room for everybody on board.

If you are planning a road trip for 30 people, and want to reserve one of our luxurious 30 passenger VIP Corporate Coaches. Our 30 Passenger Coaches are perfect for medium size group transportation. This coach is an affordable and convenient way to transport groups as large as 30 people in style!

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Shuttle Buses

Perfect for picking up small business groups from the Airport or dropping them at the airport. The shuttle bus is one of the most requested transportation for small groups transportations. If you expect some executives for a meeting and want them to atend, than you are a call away from your shuttle. Please call us to request your shuttle Bus.

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Entertainment Buses

Need a transportation with a professional atmosphere? Charter Bus provides a range of vehicles that accomodate small, medium and large groups with enough room and comfort for business meetings and long business trips.

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Tour Buses

If you are planning for your next bing concert tour or your annual convention transportation, then we, at Charter Bus can help you pick the right vehicle. Our Tour buses are available for big groups of more than 50 passengers. Do not hesitate to call to get more details on our competitive prices and fleet information.

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47-57 Passenger Charter Bus

Charter Bus offers a comfortable and affordable ground transportation solution for 47 to 57 people. Call us today for your 47 and 57 passenger charter bus booking. These buses or coaches are custom built for us to provide the ultimate in comfortable and practical transportation for large groups.

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