Minibus Rentals in Greenbelt Maryland

Greenbelt is located in the US state of Maryland. It falls within the boundaries of Pre George’s County. You will find the historic Old Greenbelt within the confines of the city, and it is referred to as Greenbelt Historic District. According to 2000 census, this city has a population of around 21,456. Opt for minibus rentals in Greenbelt Maryland to have a good and comfortable time.

Old greenbelt was founded in 1937 with the objective of developing a self-sufficient community with the aim of releasing housing pressure from the nation’s capital. It provided residence to the government workers at affordable prices.

It was one of the three ‘green’ towns planned by Rexford Guy Tugwell, who was in charge of United States Resettlement Administration.

This place made use of new and innovative social engineering concepts. People applying to become the part of the community were interviewed and scrutinized to estimate their willingness to be part of this community. African Americans were not allowed to apply. However, they were integrated into the community in 1963. As of 2000 census, 41 percent of the residents living in Greenbelt are of African American origin.

You will find a number of attractions in Greenbelt Maryland. The town houses Albert S. Buddy Attick Lake Park. The lake is artificial in nature.

You can also visit NASA / Goddard Visitor centre if you have an interest in Aerospace. If you want to learn about the history of this city, which by the way is very interesting, then head to The Greenbelt Museum.

If you are going to visit the place with a small group, then it will be in your best interest to go for minibus rentals in Greenbelt Maryland as this will allow you to journey in comfort and luxury.

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