Minibus Rentals in Silver Spring Maryland

Silver Spring lies in Montgomery County of Maryland. With regards to population, it is the third largest region of Maryland. The southern side of the place is most developed as it is the business hub. Go for minibus rentals in Silver Spring Maryland as it will save you a lot of travel related hassles.

As a tourist, you will love it at Rock Creek Park. This park lies on the western side of Silver Spring. It offers a number of facilities which ludes facilities for hiking, picnic and cycling.

Sligo Creek Park is also another recreational spot for the family. You can play tennis in there. Your children can have fun playing in the playgrounds.

Jesup Blair Park has been recently revamped. If you like sports, then you will love it there s it houses tennis courts, basketball courts and soccer fields.

Brookside gardens are also must-visit. There are a number of beautiful gardens present that can delight your senses. Example ludes Aquatic Garden with two ponds and a gazebo, Butterfly Garden, which is only open during the spring season and Children’s “Fairy Folk” Garden.

You can also head to Brookside Nature Centre, which is open from Tuesday till Saturday. It is nice place to learn about natural history and environment. Maydale Nature Centre can also be of great interest to your children.

Martin Luther King. Jr. Recreational Park is also located in Silver Spring. You can picnic, swim or play tennis here.

As mentioned afore, it is wise to opt for minibus rentals in Silver Spring Maryland as it carries many advantages. You can enjoy the luxury of having a whole bus at your disposal.

You do need to fret about driving for long hours as that is already taken care of. Moreover, you can always switch on DVD or CD player present onboard to kill time.